Features of DukeCon

DukeCon consists of several modules which implement different features. At its core is a JSON based description of your conference schedule which is picked up and presented by the various frontend clients.

Dukecon PWA HTML Client

This is client which is best to start with. It provides the following features:

Responsive HTML view

Runs in any modern web browser and adapts to the screen size of your device. No matter if you have a 4k monitor or jsut a smart phone display.

Offline Functionality through Progressive Web-App (PWA)

The internet connection might be not the best at you conference location. The solution is a progressive web application which, once loaded, caches your schedule on the attendees device. It thus gives nearly the same usability as a native app without having to install it.

Static Website, easy to host

Since this client is a static website without the need for any backends (database etc.), it is easy to host. You can even host it for free through GitLab or Github Pages!

Simple DSGVO/GDPR evaluation

Since this client does not make use of any database, it only servers data of your conferences speakers. It does not store data (besides some website access logs) of your conference attendees.

Talks and Speakers in different Views

View all talks chronologically, by location or by speaker.

You conference attendees can search the whole conference schedule and use filters for the language of the talk or the location/room, just to name a few.

Multi Language Support

English and German nationalization implemented.

Additional features through Backend-Components

Extend the User Experience by adding a backend server. This lets your attendees

  • set favorites of the talks they plan to visit

  • sync favorites with the central server after login